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Date:2008-03-03 19:52
Subject:New Account

ve a new account. Old works and new will be posted there. All my old stuff will be deleted from this lj.

The new account is atrum_lux_lucis  Find me there.


                            --Dark aka Atrum

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Date:2007-07-21 18:48
Subject:Hmn.. -_-

Well. hello everyone, or anyone. I've been posting the first chapter to my story: Cold Glass, on a few sites and a few communities here on LJ. I hope some people find it worth their time to read and will also find a bit of time to leave comments.. I have had 21 hits (maybe more now) on FictionPress.com, but not one single comment/review! It's really annoying, as I hate it when people read something and don't take the time to leave a review that would take them all of 5-10 seconds to type.. Atleast let me know you read it and liked it, or didn't like it..

Anyway, enough of the rant. I'm planning on writing more on Cold Glass today, maybe when peopel see a second chapter they'll write a review. It will begin to get more in depth on rachmus and Melnyr's relationship.. and you may even find soemthing about them that interests you.. Melnyr can be quite the romantic with words can't he? Just wait untill this really starts going.. hopefully no one will be dissapointed, including myself.. But I don't feel inclined to write much if no one is going to bother to review.. *sigh* oh wells. I've always got the RP's to keep me busy right? XD

Oh yeah..band camp starts Monday. Ugh.. I am so out of shape -_-. Sitting on your ass all summer is NOT a good thing. Especially when I'm gonna have new kiddies to train. Oh joy~ *sarcasm* I just hope they won't be too rude or annoying little balls of sugar.. Some of those freshman.. >.o It's also gonna be my first year as section leader.. though it's kinda depressing too since I got braces. It's messed up my sound alot (I play flute or piccolo) and since then my sound has really been not as good as it used to.. Although I know I also didnt practice as much as I shoudl have.. so guess that's my fault XD Oh well.. I'll just have to work out before school starts and practice a hell of a lot more. Haha.. >>

I also have to finish stupid AP summer assignments.. Ugh. Everything is piling up. I shouldn't have to worry about sachool stuff what .. 2 or 3 weeks before school actually starts? Jeez.. and people wonder why I'm so serious. =_= Have to write a 3-5 page interview and read brain melting crap about US history..then answer questions on it.. Joy. And as much as I love reading, the two books I have to read for AP English are sitting on my desk glaring at me with beady little..book covers. Evil things.. hate book reports. And while the author's style is bearable it's just the thought of having to endure a personal diary about travelling on a personal plane around Africa.. Not something I'd pick up from the library of my own free will. But, its only about 300 pages each..can probably read that in a few days if I spend a few hours on each one for..about 3 days? Yep..That should do it. Means my compy time would be cut down though.. Just hope the teachers wont give us crazy stuff liek this in school too often.. I'd prefer writing essay's personally.

And.. I think that's about it. Maybe I'll feel inclined to write my problems out another time xD Or heck, even the good stuff that's going on, if I can find anything good..

Ooh.. and one more thing >> TYhe Anime Con in Vegas is coming up soon on September 3rd. I won't be going D: but my good friend umbrasuccubus will~ Go check out her page and drop her a line if you're interested in talking to her. She does fantastic art and we're planning on selling at the Con, which she will be attending, and watching the booth XD She also has a Y!Gallery account at Melin_Kun. You can see examples of the work there if you're interested. All characters are original, but we're thinking of selling some Bleach stuff through the internet too. Mostly it will be Aizen/Byakuya and some Gin thrown in there. Urahara *might* show up, but that isn't guaranteed as time is limited for us :3. Thankyou everyone for reading >D

See you laters~

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Date:2007-07-19 02:08

Well, I've just joined LJ. I figured it would be a good way to start getting my name out there. I am a writer who loves yaoi >.> (don't we all? XD). My most frequent form of writing is in RP's.. However, I've also just fallen in love with my tablet an Oc (Open Canvas) So I will be posting some work up whenever I finish new pieces. :3

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